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True Astrology

What is astrology?

Astrology is the ancient study of the planets, stars and other objects in the sky and how they relate to us. It is a perceptive science and a science of people. It is the chronology of observations of individual traits and cosmic correlations since time began. Astrology is based on the zodiac, the ancient naming of the heavenly constellations after various animals. The zodiac is divided into 12 signs, which represent 12 distinct divisions of character. There are 12 houses representing human activity. Each house has an affinity with a Sign. Our ten planets radiate their energy through particular Signs and Houses at certain angles. This action creates substantial bearing on the earth and its inhabitants. This energizing of the Signs and Houses results in the kaleidoscope of life. Modern astrologers calculate charts for their clients that not only characterize their personality but also advise the client of their natural talents, abilities, challenges and projections of future activities


jan 21 to feb 1

feb 20 to mar 20

mar 21 to apr 20

apr 21 to may 21

may 22 to jun 21

jun 22 to jul 22

jan 23 to aug 21

aug 22 to set 23

sep 24 to oct 23

oct 24 to nov 22

nov 23 to dec 22

dec 23 to jan 20

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