Free Daily Horoscope – Sat Jan 31st 2015

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Passion drives you through the day, though you may find this is a day of extremes. A change in the energy around you pulls you in many directions at the same time leading to some challenges in dealing with others. A new door opens through your social connections bringing romance back into your life with the chance for travel in the very near future.

Today finds you focusing on your own issues and getting things sorted out in your head and on paper regarding the path you are going to follow. A conversation with a long standing friend brings things into perspective and thus sets the stage for healing in a way you are not really expecting. As the end of the day approaches and invitation to socialize comes to you from an unexpected source, but it is one that may be in your best interest to participate in.

Pulled between the things you personally feel you should be doing, and the things you are asked to do, may lead to unnecessary stress today. Be sure to stand your ground on the things that are of the most importance to you, and then move forward with your plans. A good conversation with a virtual stranger leads to a better awareness of where your life is heading, and how to make the necessary changes so you are happy with the outcome.

Though there is a lot of work to be done today, it is the changes you have implemented at home that are sure to make the biggest impact on your life at this time. A conversation with one very close to you, puts things in perspective, and thus brings your home back into balance once again. As news arrives from a long distance, thoughts of travel and romance are brought back to the front of your heart.

Today really is all about you, so make the most of the time you have available to take care of the things you have been putting off for far too long. With a little input from a trusted consultant, you are sure to be able to put things in the right order so you feel as though you have accomplished a fair amount. With the coming of the evening is the chance to relax with those you consider family, so make the most of the time you have together.

A reconnection with one you have been almost forced out of contact with due to circumstance, leads to talk of travel and entertainment once again. With a change in the functioning of your home, education becomes a critical decision for you so stay focused on the things that truly mean the most to you. With the arrival of unplanned company, you are likely to have to change the order in which you are doing things, but this works out for the better in the very future.

Balance is the key to your happiness today, so be sure to remain true to yourself throughout the day. A change in plans brought about by a conflict in timing between work and home is likely to cause added stress to your day. This is the time to talk to that special someone and make your choice according to what is best for the home.

New insights come to you through your dreams, though it is likely to require the insights of a trusted consultant in order to sort out the symbolism. A long-scheduled meeting is likely to be postponed due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. This is the time to do your best to go-with-the-flow, and do the best you can. By the end of the day it is time to relax, so find a quiet place and put your feet up.

As the truth comes out regarding a point of stress, you are finally able to put things to rest and begin the healing process. A quiet stroll with that special someone gives you the chance to get your feelings and theirs out in the open. Take the time to think things through before opening the door to major change, and then remember to remain true to yourself, while taking their feelings into consideration.

With so much going on around you at this time, it is imperative you look to the future and decide what you are personally seeking. A conversation with stranger puts your life in perspective while opening the doors to communication and romance with that special someone. An invitation to socialize with co-workers late in the day is likely a great way to connect with them and thus co-create a better working environment.

Taking the lead in a new situation today, puts you right in the spotlight at just the right time. A short trip with those you consider family brings the importance of education back to the front of your heart and mind. Take the time to plan things on paper before entering into negotiations regarding a change in the direction your career is heading in. Remember to remain true to yourself throughout the negotiations.

Your energy is running very high at this time, so make the most of the increase if adrenalin. With the assistance of those you consider family, you are able to complete the tasks you have laid out for yourself in time to be able to socialize in the afternoon. Remember to stay focused on the task at hand, even when an invitation to change direction for social reasons seems very compelling.